Radiofrequency treatment of the face and body using needles

Fine lines and increased tone in the face, neck, upper chest and entire body
Shrinks enlarged pores
Improved skin texture

Through its innovative Arrow and Bow emission systems, iPix offers a highly effective, modular, multipolar, radiofrequency platform with a wide range of applications. It offers outstanding results.

The ability to fully tailor the system’s parameters offers increased client satisfaction as it provides specific treatments targeted to their individual needs.

Fractional microneedling and radiofrequency are two undisputed and recognized, highly effective methods that offer high-performance synergy and guaranteed results.


iPix was created to offer the best possible results, from both a technological point of view and as a treatment that provides natural rejuvenation of the face, neck and entire body.

iPix is the first and only fractional microneedling and radiofrequency Resurf-Tightening technology able to regenerate the deep layers of your skin, leaving it more toned, firmer and smoother, with zero recovery time. iPix’s unique integrated delivery control system and pulse modulation offers efficacy and safety. This has been demonstrated by numerous clinical studies and the high satisfaction index of its countless clients.

Deep regeneration of every layer of skin

iPix targets the deeper layers of skin from which sagging originates: the focused heating and mechanical action of the needling stimulates the production of new collagen fibres and complete skin regeneration. Over the following days, the effects will become increasingly visible, leaving your skin looking toned and vibrant. The remarkable natural lifting effect will be long-lasting.

Zero recovery time

iPix treatment takes place in the clinic and lasts 15-25 minutes depending on the scale of the treatment site. A thin layer of anaesthetic cream is all that is needed in the most sensitive areas. The surgeon will then use a handpiece fitted with an approved, sterile head to carry out the treatment. The results are immediately visible due to the tissue elasticity that the system generates through deep stimulation. The true results, which will be visible and long-lasting, will only however be revealed in the following days.

Safety guaranteed

iPix Resurf-Tightening is the only integrated control system designed to ensure maximum safety and comfort. The complete modulation of the administered pulse enables the surgeon to treat each area with the utmost precision, maximizing efficacy and avoiding any damage or unwanted side-effects.

iPix is therefore safe for use on all skin types, all year round.

Tutto ciò rende il trattamento con iPix sicuro su tutti i tipi di pelle, tutto l’anno.


The iPix protocol is based on the combination of the physical and mechanical synergy of fractional needling and radiofrequency that heat the tissues to the optimal depth and temperature. This reactivates a natural process called neocollagenesis. Collagen fibres weakened by ageing are gradually replaced by new ones, thus resulting in deep regeneration of the skin and a natural and long-lasting lift effect.

The correct temperature for the ideal depth

To denature the old collagen fibres and reactivate neocollagenesis, the tissues must be heated to specific temperatures. Through its appropriately designed and modulated algorithms, iPix software guarantees the optimal conditions to trigger the skin’s regeneration process and give the face, neck, upper chest and entire body a natural and long-lasting lift effect. It also significantly improves the skin’s texture.

What to expect

Resurf-Tightening with iPix involves a course of 3 treatment sessions to reactivate collagen production and deeply regenerate the skin. The procedure takes place in the clinic. A thin layer of anaesthetic cream will be applied to the most sensitive areas and you can resume your normal daily activities straight after the treatment.

After the session you will notice a feeling of firmness due to the deep stimulation triggered by iPix. However, the true results, which will be visible and long-lasting, will only be revealed in the following days when collagen fibres have been regenerated by the body.

The specialist will be able to advise you on the most appropriate treatment for your needs

 All of the information contained in this section is purely indicative and is based on a variety of treatments and results. The surgeon will listen carefully to your individual requirements, evaluate the condition of your skin and help you to find out if iPix is the most appropriate treatment for you. If it is, a specific protocol aimed at achieving the best results will be proposed.

The treatment

The surgeon will carefully cleanse the area to be treated several minutes after a thin layer of anaesthetic cream has been applied to the most sensitive areas. To ensure maximum comfort and safety, iPix’s exclusive dispensing technology uses approved, sterile, disposable heads, which are made entirely in Italy. The specialist will perform the treatment through the integrated Control System, which enables the correct level of heating and optimal depth to be achieved while avoiding any damage or unwanted side-effects.

Post treatment

iPix’s very low level of invasiveness means you can get on with your day immediately after treatment. You may notice redness, swelling or sensitivity in the treatment site, however these effects are usually temporary and disappear within minutes. They will not impact on your normal daily activities. As this is a medical procedure, the specialist will inform you of all of the possible related risks and side effects and the measures to be taken in the days following treatment.