Targeted Ultrasound-guided Treatment for Facial Redefinition.

Rejuvenation of the face and neck with high-intensity targeted ultrasound.

One undeniable sign of ageing is the loss of jawline definition caused by sagging skin under the chin. Our facial structure changes as we age due to the loss of adipose tissue and bone structure, as well as atrophy of the skin and muscles. Over time, and as a result of gravity, we lose volume in the middle and upper thirds of our faces with consequent heaviness and tissue loss in the lower third.

 Tissue loss is not always easy to treat. A line-free but stretched face that bears no relation to our natural features can appear unsightly or even comical.

Targeted ultrasound-guided treatment restores vitality and tone to the tissues of the face and neck and is the latest innovation and last resort in non-invasive cosmetic medicine before surgery. Ulthera® is the only approved method to use targeted and micro-focused ultrasound to redefine the face, neck and neckline.

How does the ultrasound work?

The micro-focused, high-intensity ultrasound penetrates to a depth of around 4.5 mm into the fascia of the neck’s platysma muscle and the superficial fascial system of the face (SMAS superficial musculoaponeurotic system). A further step is performed at 3 mm to target the skin, inducing autologous regeneration. The Ulthera® ultrasound offers therapeutic assurance and gives optimal results as it enables the energy to be transmitted to the correct tissue planes. The energy administered stimulates the production of new collagen and supports the fascial systems of the face and neck.

How many sessions are required?

Correctly performed, a single session lasting around one hour is required. It can be performed at any time of year and the skin will not need to be concealed after treatment. The ultrasound targets the subcutaneous layers and the skin remains undamaged, unlike laser treatment. The method is usually well tolerated with sensations ranging from heat to tingling, particularly under the chin where a deep-acting probe that works at a depth of 4 mm is applied. Results are visible after a single session as the high energy is only released where it is needed. The ultrasound device enables the correct tissue plane to be identified. It is important to be aware of the anatomical variabilities that exist between individuals. For example, the muscle fascia of the neck is usually around 4.5 mm deep, however in some people it may also be present in the more superficial tissue planes. The only way to know if the energy is being administered to the right place or needs to be adjusted to reach the intended target, and therefore the only way of achieving the best clinical results, is through ultrasound.

The action of the ultrasound causes the suspension systems of the face and neck fascia to retract. The production of collagen will increase significantly over the ensuing days and months. The ultrasound’s final action is rejuvenation and retraction of the full thickness of the tissues. The skin of the face will appear softer, firmer and more rejuvenated.

 Development over time

As we understand from nature, biological processes can take time. The appearance of the face will gradually improve over time with visible results around three months from the treatment. The tissues will continue to be enhanced over time and the client will appear younger. The effect will increase over the course of a few months and then stabilize. After three months, before and after photos can be compared and any remaining tissue loss can be added with volumizing hyaluronic acid. The aim of this is not to add volume but to emphasize the rejuvenation process of the skin. Results will remain visible for around 18-24 months.